About Travelgasms

Carrie Bradshaw might’ve coined the term “shoegasm”…but there are tons of possibly pseudo-suffix, “gasms” out there! So why not travelgasms?
Travelgasm: an unrestrained excitement over all things travel.

This will be a log of our travelgasms…and hopefully we can connect or help people on their own travels.

See. Learn. Experience.
—before we can’t anymore…or before these amazing places don’t exist anymore, whichever comes first.

Traveling isn’t just about finding the best deals to the family-packed resorts, going to the “must-see” spots that are throwing up tourists in the masses, or eating the food unavailable at a local McDonald’s, it’s about experiencing the adventures, understanding the cultures, and seeing eyegasms most people don’t know exist.

Some Travelgasms Terminology


noun \træ-‘vuhl-gaz-uhm\
: an unrestrained excitement over all things travel.


noun \ahy-gaz-uhm\
: a visual spectacle so amazing and beautiful, it produces an overload of the brain via the eyes.


noun \gaæ-strō-gaz-uhm\
: The sensation you have when eating or even looking at large amounts of exceptionally delicious and extremely decadent cuisine.


noun \in-fō-gaz-uhm\
: a coming of knowledge or state of euphoria induced by discovery of an amazingly useful piece of information or technology

The Authors of Travelgasms.com (except for Goofy)

The Authors of Travelgasms.com (except for Goofy)

This website will be multi-functional.

This blog will serve as a keepsake for ourselves, a sense of sanity for our families and friends (to know we’re alive during our travels), and will also be a place for us to rave and rant about travel-anythings and get advice and opinions from other travelgasm lovers too. We hope to inspire or motivate other travelgasm seekers for adventures as other blogs have done for us. You can plan your own adventure without a travel agent, a tour package, or Rick Steves.

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