10 for Tuesday: Things Australians Have that Americans Don’t

We love bacon…why don’t we have this?

1.) They have Kangaroos and eat them! That’s right.  Australia is the only disturbed country that eats its own national emblem.  Although you will find different types of kangaroos in zoos around the world, they are only wild in Australia.  They also make great ‘Roo Burgers apparently.

2.) Tim Tans – You can find Tim Tams at random stores now, but they are still hard to find and won’t have nearly as much variety.  They have more flavors and choices than gum.  Essentially chocolate cookies with icing, these biscuit/cookie concoctions are argued by some to have addictive, Pringles “don’t stop”, qualities.  I agree they’re scrumptious, but addictive…? Meh.  I only tried one flavor though, so I want to try the rest!

3.) Vegemite – I hear vegemite and think of I Love Lucy‘s Vita-meat-a-veg-a-min episode.  It sounds fake, and it sounds disgusting.  It is supposed to go well on toast.  I prefer good old jam, butter, or nutella.

4.) Lift – Coca-cola makes plenty of soda products around the world that we don’t get.  If you’re interested in trying some, check out their “around the world” taste testers at one of the Coca-Cola stores in Atlanta, Orlando, or Las Vegas (just watch out for Italy’s Beverly…it’s intolerable).  Australia’s coca-cola unique product is called Lift.  It’s essentially sprite…but they also have sprite. My cousins were surprised I had never heard of it or tried it, and after some Googling, we found out that it is only sold in Australia!

5.) Meat Pies – I like chicken pot pies, so when I heard meat pies are popular in Oz, I assumed we have the same thing.  It is still a pie with minced meet of some type and gravy, but meat pies in Australia are ridiculously popular.  I eat Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pie around Thanksgiving and when it is on sale at Costco, I’m too lazy to cook, and I don’t mind consuming a ridiculous amount of calories.  In Australia, there are meat pie stands on every corner.  There’s one particular place called “Pie Face”.   It’s taking over.

6.) Electrical outlets that switch off – I previously talked about Australians are pretty green.  They have toilets with the two settings.  We are incorporating them now, but every bathroom I saw in Australia had one.  Their electrical plugs are the same way.  I’m actually wondering why we don’t have these.  They have electrical outlets that you shut off every time you aren’t using it.  Even the microwave, TV, computer…things we Americans keep plugged in until it dies or we move, they shut back on and off with a simple click.

7.) SOLO – If you ever visit Australia and order a lemonade, you will get a Sprite.  I know. It’s alarming.  I understand that Sprite is technically a lemon-esque refresher, but it’s clear.  CLEAR!  I then asked, well then, what is it if I want a yellow lemonade drink.  I got the, oh of course, well that’s SOLO.  A solo cup?  I hear the word solo, and I think of the red, college, solo cup…not a lemony beverage.  I tried it.  Solo is not lemonade.  It’s lemon soda.  Heck, it’s practically just a yellow Fanta.  I liked it, but I still wanted to know what would it be called if I took a lemon…squeezed the juice out of it, and added sugar.  Apparently, that’s American lemonade?

8.) Australian Football & Cricket – I still don’t understand either game.  Cricket is big elsewhere in the world, but Australian Football is unique.  It looks pretty intense though, and I’m assuming people get injured significantly more since there isn’t any padding.  My cousin Michael, who looks like a dufus in the picture, had a friend who offered him free box seat tickets to an AFL game.  It was really exciting to go to a sporting event in a different country.  The rules of the game were explained to me, but I completely forgot them.

9.) Online Sports Betting – There are only a handful of countries that have legal online sports betting.  Malta is one of them, and Australia is another.  While I was visiting, they had a few big games, and one was almost their version of the Super Bowl. It was really interesting watching a room full of men giddy on their phones as they place numerous bets on a game.  If you’re thinking sports betting consists of simply putting money down on one team winning over another, you’re wrong.  You can bet on who will score first or what player will outrun or tackle more than another player.

10.) Cursing Culture – Did I mention Aussies curse a fair amount? I mentioned it in my last post, but I thought I’d emphasize it.  An Aussie tried explaining to me that they have a drinking/social culture, but I think a lot of countries do.  After visiting Germany and Czech Republic, although I agre eAussies drink a fair amount, so do plenty of other places.  With cursing on the other hand, it was like I couldn’t meet an Aussie that didn’t curse every two or three minutes of conversation.  Americans curse, but not nearly as much.  I know people curse everywherel, but…..geeeeez wtf?

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