Weird Whereabouts: Alien Sighting in Roswell, New Mexico

The first time I ever heard about Roswell was in 1999 when the – now defunct – WB aired a new alien show called Roswell starring Jason Behr (aka that guy I recognized from a short story arc on Dawson’s Creek) and  Shiri Appleby (the Katie Holmes-like beauty).

and of course we saw this poster while we were there…

Since it was on our way from Carlsbad Caverns to Santa Fe, we figured we could have a short lunch stopover to check it out.  Although Richard doesn’t like to admit it, he does have an interest in the paranormal.  The movie, Signs, scared him.  He liked District 9, and we’ve seen most new exorcist or alien-related movies together since I’ve known him.  After reading some reviews, the best thing to see in Roswell is apparently their museum and art center.  We’ve been to a fair amount of art galleries and museums in our time so we wanted to see something extra unique to Roswell, even if it was lame.  Off to the UFO museum we went.

From what we saw, there were 2 major streets through the city.  We took Main St. North and looked around for a place to eat on the way toward the UFO Museum.  Richard laughed for almost a full minute when seeing The Snazzy Pig establishment, remarking that a pig in a tuxedo is too utterly ridiculous.  He was pretty bummed we couldn’t eat there.  Instead we settled on a Mexican place, El Toro Bravo, near the UFO Museum.  Considering it was scorching hot outside, right next to the museum, and had a bucket of beer for cheap, the place served its purpose.

After lunch we headed to the museum.  If you go in with a fairly open mind, it’s a pretty fun museum.  There are areas where they make fun of it, but there are also plenty of artifacts, diaries, and government documents to read.  I skimmed through most of the museum fairly fast since it is small, but Richard probably read 80% of what was there.  The museum also has some corny elements like a strange show every hour where a saucer spins and sound effects and fog are involved.  There are walls with comic strips making fun of the incident,  but there are also plenty of serious evidence as well.  Essentially, the museum allows you to decide for yourself what the “Roswell Incident” really was.

Marking Long Beach. (We’re sure it was marked before…but it lost the pin)

The museum definitely pokes fun at the incident, but there are many artifacts pertaining to its credibility.

Their display in the center of the small museum.

The last thing you see as you leave.

Bye Roswell!

Admission: $5

Is it a “must-see” when driving through Roswell? Probably not.  But if this stuff interests you, it’s definitely a worthwhile pit stop on the long drive to Santa Fe or Albuquerque.  It had plenty of interesting articles, news reports, and interviews from witnesses….and it’s a nice way to beat the sun for an hour or so, stretch your legs, and learn about alien sightings / government cover-ups.

Next stop: Santa Fe!!!

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