The Time We Traveled Back in Time and Found the Indiana Jones within: Carlsbad Caverns

We traveled back in time! Okay… so technically there was no lightning or Michael J. Fox, but we did!  Sorta.

Following our night in Fort Stockton, we woke up early and headed toward New Mexico.

As a back story, there is one thing Richard has always wanted to do.  While I have always wanted to visit every continent, travel around the world for a year, or master 5 languages…. Richard has some different top priority aspirations.

Let’s set up the image.
Richard, in his car, swerves into a parking lot and parks erratically.  He jumps out of the vehicle with his friends, and they run into a convenience store or to the nearest person they see and ask “What year is this?!”.  When given the response, they scream, “It worked. It worked!!!” and jump back into their car and drive away.

This is one of his major goals at the moment.  Seriously.  He’ll likely do this on his next guys trip to Vegas in July…so be ready for an update.

Anyway…last week, when we crossed into the Mountain Time Zone, we went back in time!  Technically, this happens almost every time we travel, and I guess it isn’t really something special…at all.  This time however, we actually saw our phones switch back!  Usually we’re on a plane, sleeping, or we don’t even both to notice the time change until much later…so to see our cell phones magically switch back was exciting for the nerd in us.

Crossed the border to New Mexico. Then we watched our phones until they went back in time!

We drove straight to Carlsbad Caverns and arrived around 9am.  Luckily they had some breakfast available and their restaurant was open, otherwise I think Richard would have killed me.  He was hungry since we left, and there was absolutely no where to stop on the highway for almost 3 hours for even coffee!

Park Ranger =]

People can spend days exploring the many cavern tunnels and passage ways.  Since we only had a few hours, we opted for the natural entrance and the Big Room.  While most people take the elevator down 80 stories straight to the Big Room, we decided to hike down the scenic route.  Together, it came out to be about a 2 hours, and here are some favorite pictures from our exploration.

If you would like, you can hum the Indiana Jones theme song as you scroll down these pictures…because that’s what we did on our trek down.  Richard also really wanted an Indiana Jones hat to wear just to toss it up.


The seating area where they have bat viewings at night when all the bats leave the cave and take flight.

Just the beginning…

breaking through where we should not go?


“Fairyland” When Richard told me the little bits are called popcorn… I thought it was a joke…Nope, they’re actually called popcorn.

Not too far down yet, where we can still see natural light.

Richard really went camera-happy with my Canon S100 and constantly took what he called “artistic” photos. Essentially..he just spun the camera around as he shot the picture…

Mouth of a whale

Exploring the Big Room

I love my Canon S100 point and shoot…<3 The coloration comes out so well!

Some more general info about the caves.
–> Admission: $6, good for 3 consecutive days admission
–> 25 miles southwest of Carlsbad.
–> If you want to book a tour, book it in advance or arrive early.  When we arrived, tons of the tunnels and various guided room tours were sold out.  It was a good thing we only had time for the natural entrance and Big Room otherwise we would have been fairly disappointed.
–> Bring a light jacket.  It’s chilly inside.

After our time in the chilly caves, we went back to the heat and headed toward Santa Fe.

Next stop, Roswell!

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