A Town Horror Films are Made for: Fort Stockton, Texas

The makings were there for the beginning of a horror film, tons of Texas Chainsaw Massacre capabilities.  A couple goes on a road trip, leaving their 1st home in Houston, and they pass the beautiful San Antonio.  As they head across the desert, they see absolute nothing for hours.  Tired of driving, they decide to stop in a town earlier than their intended stop in Carlsbad.  Also, Richard wanted to watch the Celtics vs. Heat game on that night.

The bank here needs no name…

Okay, so technically, Fort Stockton isn’t exactly in the middle of nowhere.  There are the typical fast food and hotel chains, but the 8,000 population makes it an incredibly small town to us since both Los Angeles and Houston each have populations over 2 million.  We got lost driving around, and saw some interesting areas to say the least.  We finally settled into a motel.  We booked the cheapest motel we could find for the night, which happened to be a motel 6.  We’ve never stayed in a motel 6; Although we did stay at a super 8 for our one night stop in Miami.  Surprisingly, the room was way better than expected!

This is a motel 6 room? Not bad Fort Stockton, not bad.

Then we walked into the bathroom, and the sink had tons of claw marks.  It was most likely a cat that stayed over multiple nights, but Richard also conjured up an elaborate story of someone clawing the sink because they were being attacked.  I suppose his theory is more interesting…

Next stop on our road trip, Carlsbad Caverns.

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