10 for Tuesday: Coachella Withdrawals

I attended Coachella one month ago, and I am already feeling the Coachella withdrawals.  Believe it or not, Coachella 2013 tickets go on sale THIS Thursday May 17, 2012. They are taking an even earlier head start than last year. Last year, presale tickets went on sale in June, and the year before, they didn’t even offer pre-sale tickets. It’s incredible how quickly the Coachella craze has caught on. A few years ago, tickets didn’t sell out until a few weeks prior. Last year, they took a little while to sell out. This year, they sold out in less than 12 hours. In a few years, I’m expecting Coachella to last a week, need reservations, have a lottery system, or sell out in an hour. By then, hopefully I will have had my Coachella-fill and not have a desire to go…but until then, I am excited to buy my ticket and relive the following 10 missed memories (aside from any intoxicated fun)!

1. Memories with Amazing Friends– There are friends you will inevitably run into at Coachella. Maybe they are elementary school friends or friends you lost touch with, but it is great running into old friendly faces even if it’s a quick run-in. It would be cooler to run into the many celebrities roaming around, but I digress… Even better is making all the amazing memories with your Coachella Crew! The amazing people you know you can spend a few nights with in the middle of the desert, are probably some pretty awesome people! Coachella memories will always bring a happy smile to your face.

Coachella Photobooth Postcard Fun with Laura and Tiffany

Photo-Op in front of an awesome car tent

2. Diabetes-on-a-Plate food– Some girls spend weeks preparing their bodies for Coachella outfits.  Then they come to the festival and eat some of the unhealthiest food available.  The best heart attack food is always carnival or festival food, and I love it.  We had the pleasure of trying some creative food trucks.  I love myself some snow cones and corn on the cob, but cheese filled goodness is always a favorite.  We even had a grilled cheese sandwich that was filled with 3 types of cheese, as well as bacon and mozzarella sticks.

Compliments of Vivian’s phone

3. Non stop music – Sure it can get a little annoying when you are trying to sleep, but I actually love the nonstop music. Not only does it spark memories of college, but it also sparks energy. Whether it is “untz untz”-ing to house, lounging to soft rock, reliving the 90s, or discovering new artists, the non-stop music is something that should be cherished the entire weekend.  Before you know it, you are back listening to annoying morning traffic radio and radio hosts making ridiculous prank calls.

4. Meeting free spirits and making new friends– Okay, so are the people you meet at Coachella going to be lifelong friends? Probably not. In fact, there is a good chance you won’t ever speak or talk to any of the people you meet ever again, but who cares? Everyone is so ridiculously nice, there’s no reason to be hesitant to mingle.

Camping neighbors that were prepared with paint!


5. Running into Old Friends –As I mentioned earlier, you are bound to randomly run into friends at Coachella.  I love that!  Music truly brings people together.  Although there are 100,000 people at the event, and there is barely any cell phone reception at many times, it is amazing how often you may randomly run into someone.

Cousin ❤

Camp Site

6. Camping – Okay, so I guess Coachella camping isn’t exactly camping at Lake Big Bear, but camping in the middle of the desert should count for something! The grass is surprisingly luscious green, and the environment is

7. Exploration – Coachella may not be as big as Glastonbury, but I still don’t think it is easy to discover all Coachella has to offer in 3 days!  There are tons of activity areas that we were constantly discovering.  New structures and art installations went up every day and there were small discoveries to made in each lot from art works where you can create your own painting or get your hair done, to some strange ride in the middle of lot 10 we never were able to ride.

8. Lounging – One thing I hope to do a lot more of next time is lounging on the grass with a blanket and listening to some tunes. The weekend is the epitome to a lazy weekend getaway that should be completely stress free.

9.  Unexpected Surprised – Unexpected surprises can sometimes be for the worse, but in the case of our Coachella experience, it was always for the better.  We were unexpectedly surprised with the cleanliness of the shared showers and with the lines in and out of the festival.  Organization – after experiencing some very unorganized chaos at other events – was a great way to start off the weekend.  Lastly, who could mentioned unexpected surprises without the many guest performances!  Rihanna and Usher made an appearance, and my favorite, Dr. Dre and Snoop pulled out all the stops this year.  I’ve always wanted to see Eminem, but I never expected to see Tupac!

10. Crazy Weather – Crazy weather was not a fun experience while we were living it, but it was exciting to say the least.  I’m actually really happy how the weather turned out.  I’d prefer to have a locker full of a change of clothes versus walking in 100+ degrees any day.

Thanks to Tiff from LittleBoatsThatSail, Laura from TheBombDotCom, Viv from DiamondsandTulle, and Diana from HeartfeltEmbellishments for a super fun weekend and for being part of my post!

You’ll notice Richmander wasn’t able to make it this year, but hopefully he will next year!

Next year, we will hopefully go with you!!!

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