Our final 24 hours in Nica: Catarina and Laguna de Apoyo

“Nica what? Nica who? Nicaragua!” As lame as you might think that sounds, Richard was – and still is – quite proud of his Jay-Z lyric remix.

Our last few days in Nicaragua consisted of complete relaxation.  As much as we love doing fun excursions, winding down our busy week some relaxing time in the sun was just what we needed.  After leaving the sunny beaches, we took the first bus out to La Catarina – mirador – the next morning.

Rivas, making our way to the next bus station.

When we arrived to the view point, mirador, there were absolutely no tourists.  The restaurants weren’t even open yet, but one was willing to open up a bit early so we could eat breakfast.  About an hour later, I turned around and a herd of tourists with their cameras were snapping shots away.  In an instant, they were gone.  They had arrived with a tour company and stopped off for a quick photo and hopped back on the bus.  The view of the lake is breathtaking and I’m glad we were able to relax, eat, and take in the scenery without being rushed back on a bus.  Plus, it was nice being able to take pictures without a bunch of random people in the background, which is almost impossible to do sometimes at touristy locations.

La Mirador in Catarina overlooking Laguna de Apoyo


Richard’s first Tuk-Tuk ride

We arrived at Hostel Paradiso around lunch time, and we spent our final day in Nicaragua lounging and soaking in Laguna de Apoyo’s beauty.  The lake is clean, blue, and is surprisingly very warm.  This is no ordinary lake.  It keeps its warm temperature because this lake is naturally formed  within Apoyo Volcano’s crater.  It is easily one of Nicaragua’s most beautiful natural wonders.  What makes visiting the lake even nicer is the few hostels / guest houses that surround the lake aresecluded.  There were very few people when we arrived, and because the lake is so large, you are not even able to see any of the neighboring accommodations.  The kayaks, inner tubes, and floating dock should all be taken advantage of when relaxing at the lake.   To read our full review of Hostel Paradiso, click here.

Swimming out to the floating dock

Richard’s journey into the water.

Richard kicking back with some Nica beer.

The lake with the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Richard hanging around and reading the book he grabbed from our apartment in San Juan del Sur.

Bye from Charmander.

We are really happy our final day in Nicaragua was a relaxing one, but I could not have imagined lounging at the lake for more than a day.  I recommend a day trip from Granada or possibly a one night stay overnight, but I’m not sure how some people stay for up to a full week.  After some serious lagging, this concludes our Spring Break adventures in Nicaragua!

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