No Accommodation? No Problem. Oktoberfest in Munich

Only a week ago, I was at one of the biggest parties in the States: Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  It got me reminiscing on another huge festival I had the fortune to attend: Oktoberfest.  Although there are plenty of beer festivals in Germany, Oktoberfest in Munich is by far the most infamous around the world.  Around this time, people will be booking their hotel rooms and airline tickets to attend the drunken affair in late September.  Unfortunately, my friends and I did not have the foresight to arrange accommodations well in advance when we went.  We had to wing it.  My friend Carly ended up booking a tent for the weekend, a weekend she describes as the coldest weekend of her life.  Even the tents were a bit above our price range, hotels and hostels were completely booked, couchsurfing was completely filled, and the train station seemed to be our only option.

München! Das Oktoberfest.

I was visiting my friend Allison in Berlin and – after looking at a map of Germany – learned that Berlin was a fairly long drive from Munich.  We couldn’t afford the train so we had our experience with our first car share in Germany.  Car shares are apparently fairly popular in Germany.  We made our way from Berlin to Stuttgart.  We arrived in the middle of the night to take the first train out to Munich. We went a full night without sleeping and had a long day ahead of us.

At the Stuttgart train station at a ridiculously early hour...

We were completely exhausted, but at least the ride was nice in the beginning...

Unfortunately, after switching trains a few times and as we got closer to Munich, the train got a lot more crowded and we were forced to stand.

After arriving in Munich, we had no idea where to go, but we simply had to follow the crowds.

We finally arrived!

Out of all the tents, Hofbrau is the largest and must see tent. We had to get in there!

All of these people behind us also wanted to get into the tent.

We finally got in!

Thanks for bringing us in beer lady.

She powered through, and didn't let it phase her!

Everyone was cheering and chanting on tables in the tent.

Vier bier bitte!!!

Dies ist gutes Bier!

New friends!

New enemies! Someone not so nice. She was not having a good time.

I took home a glass for Richard!

We left the tent to get some German grub.

Many people dress up in traditional clothes for the event.

After touring the beer gardens, walking the grounds, and drinking the day away, we had to say goodbye to Oktoberfest. It was a beautiful day.

Plenty of people don't have accommodations either and seek refuge in the train station.

I said goodbye to everyone and had to make the solo trek to Austria.  It was actually a harder journey getting out of Munich than it was getting in.  It took hours to get out of the city, but eventually I made it to Innsbruck where I met up with my friends.

Richard’s cousin wants to plan a trip to Oktoberfest in the next year or 2 with Richard!  Until the next festival adventure…

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