Wanderlust Wednesday: Movies that Inspire Travels

My second addiction following travel is definitely movies. From indie flicks to action thrillers, I’m enthralled by popcorn (with nacho cheese) and the big screen. I read scripts off the “Black List” and stalk them during production until it finally hits the screen years later, if at all.

I am known for IMDBing a movie weeks before I see it and then again immediately after (and weeks following). The IMDB app is by far my most used app. I read about movies I’m too scared to see myself like Human Centipede, Cannibal Holocaust, Men Behind the Sun, and Salò, and learn random trivia facts about my favorite action flicks.  Did you know the infamous hallway scene in Inception used an actual giant rotating hallway.  Yeah, they built that thing.  Christopher Nolan, ever since Memento, I knew you were a genius. Aside from learning about disturbing movies and tracking every Leo Dicaprio flick in existence (Don’t Judge. I liked him since Growing Pains, okay?), some of my favorite movies spark the travel bug inside me too!

Here are a few of those movies that give me the travel itch.

The Bourne Series (2002, 2004, 2007) – So in all fairness, the handheld camera style and the fast paced scenes of these filmsdon’t give ample time to show off Bourne’s travel destinations.  Nevertheless, throughout the trilogy, we head through the UK, Morocco, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Morocco, India, and Russia.  Although we only get glimpses into each city, the movies still definitely had me thinking throughout the film, “Where is that? I want to go there….Oh sh– Bourne is the new MacGyver, but no seriosuly, where is that?” Props Matt Damon. The Bourne Legacy will not be the same without you.

In Bruges (2008)
Okay, so this movie is not exactly PC.  In fact, I’m pretty positive most of my friends would hate it, but I think it’s genius.  An incredibly dark movie set against an incredibly beautiful, bright, and upbeat town, this Colin Farrell flick made me more than ever want to go to Bruges.  Our Bruges trip without Colin Farrell ended a whole lot happier than the movie, but we might not have found our way to the quaint little town without it.

Lost in Translation (2003)
Scarlett Johansson’s breakout role resonated in my heart.  Japan has never been a “must-see” for me.  I’m not sure why, but this movie isn’t just about an unlikely friendship in Tokyo.  It is the perfect example of fleeting friendships and acquaintances made while traveling that – although are sometimes strange and quirky – are completely memorable.

The Parent Trap (1998)
Oh Lohan, we miss you and we’re waiting for your grand return.  How could you turn down the role of Jade in The Hangover?  Apparently, she didn’t think it would be a success, but the script for I Know Who Killed Me sounded like a great idea?  When we first saw Lohan, she was playing twins and convincing me that summer camp was the place to be. This movie  made London look like an elegant and royal dream, and was likely my earliest dream travel destination.  It didn’t hurt that I loved her accent.
The March of the Penguins (2005)

One of my favorite documentaries taught me everything I know about penguins.  I didn’t realize how hard they had it!  Who wasn’t captivated by these adorable creatures and Morgan Freeman’s voice?   This Oscar-winning movie definitely gave me the itch to make it to Antarctica one day to witness these dressed up mammals in person.  Contrary to what I thought, it is definitely possible and here are tours every year.

The Lord of the Rings
I was never a die hard LOTR fan, I only got through book 1. I was more a of Narnia chick. Even so, I was a big fan or the movies, and it was definitely not because of Orlando Bloom. I never understood the hype around him anyway. He had really long ears and super long white hair…that didn’t bother anyone? Casting aside, I became intrigued and obsessed with seeing New Zealand after the movies portrayed the country’s endless beauty and landscapes.

In Conclusion – Those are just a few movies that inspire travel, and I’m sure there will be future posts to come. There have been some movies that have made me hesitant toward travel. Brokedown Palace (1999) made me terrified of Thai prisons. I definitely made a note to self: don’t try to steal drugs. You will get caught and Claire Danes will take the fall for you, but you will go down in history as a complete B—–. Despite this movie deterrent, along with others like Hostel (2005), movies are forever a stepping stone for another travel obsession.

6 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Movies that Inspire Travels

  1. A few movies that inspire my Wanderlust: Eat, Pray, Love, Midnight in Paris, The Tourist, Letters to Juliet, and Under the Tuscan Sun. And though they aren’t movies, “The Amazing Race” and “The Bachelor” consistently having me add places to my Bucket List.
    On my list of movies to see because of the location: The Descendants. 🙂
    I’m glad you’ve started this blog Tracy!

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