10 for Tuesday: Romantic Cities

So St. Vincent’s Day is upon us and Richard and I don’t have much of a Tuesday planned. It is a Tuesday. We work longer than the average man’s 9 to 5. The last thing I want to do is get dressed up while I could be watching Glee in my pajamas.

This weekend, however, we did have a celebratory breakfast at a local diner that had a mix of a hospital vibe and a senior citizen home. It was apparently the place to be on a Sunday, and – despite one’s first impression – the food was amazing. Hole in the wall places are usually a hit or miss and this was definitely a hit. Aside from that, we went to REI and tried on some backpacks for Richard’s first backpacking trip coming up this Spring Break! We’ll have to leave those specifics to another post, but our “romantic weekend” was just any other weekend…both of us working on Saturday and being completely lazy the rest of the weekend, and I don’t think I would’ve wanted it any other way.

Richard set his alarm at midnight this morning to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day, but I was way too tired to wake up and hear him. He’s making me waffles for breakfast with the waffle iron I bought him in college (which he has yet to use). It’ll be a fairly simple Valentine’s Day for us, and I love it.

Despite the fact that we aren’t having an overly romantic weekend doesn’t mean we won’t take advantage of a romantic getaway some other weekend, particularly on a weekend that isn’t grabbing for money out of our wallets. (side note: I went over personification with my students today, and I included this example. They nailed it).

Paris, Venice, and Barcelona might be the go-to romantic city destinations, but there are plenty romantic places to spend a weekend getaway in The States.

Here are my top 10.

10. Santa Fe, New Mexico– Santa Fe is known for many things other than a reference in a RENT song. Richard and I are determined to make it there on our upcoming road trip. It is an atypical southwest getaway with some iconic sites and many Spanish cultural influences (It was once Spain’s capital for it’s US territories). Throw in some desert sunsets and you have yourself a beautiful and relaxing weekend.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

9. Charleston, South Carolina- Charleston has a perfect mix of nearby beaches, history, and some southern charm.

Charleston, North Carolina

8. New York, New York – Despite NY’s bad reputation for being less than friendly, NYC still has many things to offer on a romantic getaway. Tourist photo ops at the Statue of Liberty or Time Square, a beautiful city of lights and art, and non stop entertainment make for many romantic opportunities. Paint the town red with a Broadway show or an unforgettable dinner with a view of the cityscape high in a skyscraper. The Big Apple has tons to offer.

New York, New York

7. San Antonio, Texas– We recently visited San Antonio for New Year’s Eve after a recommendation on its romantic impact. There are historical sites such as the Alamo, but there is also the beautiful river walk. Whether you take the guided boat tour or stroll the canal yourself, the city makes for a relaxing weekend. Friendly Texans are bountiful, along with some delicious and quaint B&Bs.

San Antonio, Texas

6.Las Vegas, Nevada– Although I wrote an earlier post for a girls getaway in Vegas, Sin City can also be a great destination for couples. Despite popular belief, couples still party too. If gambling, dancing, and walking the strip are your idea of fun, Vegas is the destination for you. The Eiffel tower might not be as grand as its Parisian inspiration, but it still has a viewing area and restaurant on top to take in the view. Venice might be one of the top 3 romantic cities in the world, but the Venetian hotel is a cleaner fake-version. Take a gondola ride with your better half for $32/couple. To make it even more romantic, helicopter rides around the strip are less than $100.  You can also hit up a nightclub or see a show. Although I have heard mixed reviews, Zumanity’s sexual themed cirque du soleil show is geared toward couples and may be worth checking out.

Las Vegas, Nevada

5. New Orleans, Louisiana – New Orleans might not be incredibly romantic during the craziness of Mardi Gras – unless you and your loved one are into some serious debauchery and crowded chaos –  but the city makes for a romantic weekend any other time of the year. There is live music, the best cajun food you find, and decadent cafés all ideal for the free spirited and young at heart. Take a carriage ride and enjoy the sounds and tastes of New Orleans.

New Orleans, Louisiana

4. San Diego, California– I was actually torn between different cities in Southern California so I decided to group them. Santa Barbara has some wine tasting, West Hollywood has nightlife, Anaheim has Disneyland, and San Diego has the best beaches and weather. It would be pretty difficult to do all of it in one weekend, but it’s definitely doable in a long 3 or 4 day weekend. Soak up some California sun and check out any one of the beautiful coastal cities.

San Diego, California

3. Miami, Florida– Miami is overflowing with attractive people. This Latin-loving city with a beachfront would undoubtedly get everyone in the mood for romance.

Miami, Flordia

2. San Francisco– This Northern California city is a completely different experience than its traffic-ridden, Southern Californian, counterpart. Whether it is having a picnic by the water, taking a bike ride, strolling the narrow streets, or admiring the Golden Gate Bride, San Fran has plenty to see and do for couples.

San Francisco, California

1. Honolulu, Hawaii – Sometimes we forget Hawaii is part of the good old US of A because of its distance or the fact that the image of it spurs up honeymoon destinations as blissful – only in dreams – type of getaways. If you can get past the cost to get there and the cost to stay on the island (a gallon of milk is nearing $10), than Hawaii is a US getaway to dream about. I shouldn’t have to explain the many reasons why.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Some of these we have already hit, and the others will definitely be on our list for future trips! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “10 for Tuesday: Romantic Cities

  1. I think you might mean Charleston, South Carolina — or Charlotte, NC — but probably Charleston, since it’s near the beach. I always get the two of those mixed up and I live in NC! (At least for right now.)

    I love that I’ve been to over half of those cities. It makes me feel pretty fortunate, but at the same time, it just feeds my wanderlust. I’m very envious of your road trip! I’m thinking of taking one myself this summer — just have to figure out the financing and whether or not my place of employment will allow it. 😉 Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. haha thanks! Fixing it now. I meant Charleston but I had Charlotte on the brain so I was thinking NC. I actually think the lack of vacation days is the biggest drawback to working. I am incredibly jealous of other countries who have months off.

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