Land of the Fighting Irish: Dublin

Last week I made a post reminiscing on past couchsurfing experiences.  I’d like to this start this gloomy Wednesday with an in-depth account of one those trips.

Dublin, the head quarters of Ryan Air, was being offered as a 5 Euro (no taxes) trip from London back in the fall of 2008.  Karen – my traveling buddy – and I jumped on the chance to buy the tickets and decided even 2 nights in Dublin is better than nothing.  We hopped onto and sought out a couchsurfer host.  I don’t know how we got so incredibly lucky, but Loch – who is usually booked with couchsurfer guests – had some room for us!  He even offered to pick us up from the airport.

Despite being delayed, Loch waited patiently for us and was an amazing host for our entire trip!    We perused the list of many things to do, and the Guinness Storehouse is definitely a tourist favorite!  Unfortunately we had to pass on it due to our time constraints, but maybe we’ll head there on another trip.

We did, however, make some time for some delicious food and a tour of a prison. Yeah, a prison.  Kilmainham Gaol is Europe’s largest prison no longer in use. The leaders of the 1916 Rebellion were executed here.  I think this prison should be at the top of the list for must-sees due to it’s eerie vibe mixed with its history.  The tour is absolutely fascinating and, for 2 Euros for students, it is budget friendly as well.

Kilmainham Jail

An eerie hallway in Kilmainham.

An Irish nationalist. He was married in the jail 24 hours before getting executed.

Karen took a picture through the peephole.

Down the steps...

In the cell.

The picture doesn't do it justice to its size.

The cross represents the place where people were executed.

The prison makes for an incredibly dreary – albeit incredibly informative and worthwhile – attraction.  We also made it to some attractions on our short weekend including a tour of Trinity College, University of Dublin, Dublin Castle, and Molly Malone.

A beautiful university campus: Trinity.

Molly Malone, Dublin's famous hawker by day and working girl by night.

Dublin Castle

St. Patrick's Cathedral was under renovation.

Christ Cathedral


Dublin at night.

Lastly, we saw a rainbow in Ireland! The Lucky Charms lover in us was very happy.

I am determined to go back to Ireland one day because a short weekend in Dublin simply was not enough.  We weren’t able to hit the countryside, but we were able to do a whole lot in a short amount of time!  Thank you again to our amazing host Loch!

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