Monday Memories: In Bruges, w/o Colin Farrell

Mondays are always especially rough for me.  My 8th graders are a bit more indifferent on Mondays than on any other day, and mornings are usually hard after sleeping in Saturday and Sunday.

To get over a case of the Mondays, I’ve chosen to go down memory lane. It is still chilly outside, winter is in the air, and ice is stuck on my windows. As I defogged my windows this morning, I reminisced over our trip to Bruges.  Before Colin Farrell’s dark comedy, I could only name two cities in Belgium: Brussels and Antwerp (Antwerp from a lyric in a song from Cabaret).   Yes, I actually was a fan of the Colin Farrell, dark comedy movie, but we also wanted to visit because of the Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival.

Our base for the trip was Brussels.  I had an old couchsurfing friend, Dimitri (who I had stayed with in Paris while I studied abroad).  He was kind enough to let us crash after he moved to Brussels!  We woke up early and headed on an hour train ride to spend the day in Bruges.

After busting out the tourist map, we quickly found it was easier and funner to wander aimlessly. We eventually made it to the Belfry tower on our own and paid the small fee to make the climb to the stop.

After over 300 steps, we made it to the top of the Belfry Tower

Exploring the Christmas Markets and the main square where the film took place

We also found some chips we can't find in the States, ketchup flavored!

When in Beligum...

After we spent some time touring the streets and eating some food, we hit the main attraction of the day: The Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival! It was bigger than we expected and had an Ice Age theme. Check out the pictures below:

A dinosaur!

Charmander playing around


Sliding down the ice slide

Even with our hand warmers, it was pretty cold in there!

This one was by the ice bar and was really crazy to me.

At the end of the afternoon, we took the train back and stopped over in Ghent for some late night food and drinks, but that will be for a future post.

We were incredibly impressed with the ice sculptures and learned that people travel from all over the world to contribute. Approximately 300 tons of crystal clear ice and 400 tons of fresh snow form the materials that the sculptors work on. We went in 2009, during the “Ice Age” theme. The 2011 festival that just passed had a “Disneyland Paris” theme! I can only imagine the creations they made for the event. What did you think of the festival pictures?

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