Infogasm: Weird Whereabouts – ZZYZX, California

My girlfriends and I have been putting a Las Vegas trip in the works.  It has me reminiscing about the drive to Las Vegas, which I actually haven’t done in some time since we’ve moved to Houston.  The last few times I’ve been to Las Vegas, I was able to fly in.

Every Californian who makes that drive to Vegas needs to hit the I-15 S and at one point or another has said wtf to a sign in San Bernadino County.  Said sign is posted above.

“Did you see that sign?”
“How do you pronounce that?”
“That’s so funny! We definitely should get a picture of it.”
“It’s too hot, but remind me to get one on the way back.”

You inevitably forget about taking a picture of the sign on your way back as well or you’re too exhausted from the Vegas weekend to fathom getting out of your car for a photo-op.  I always forgot to Google it, until now.  Apparently, ZZYZX road eventually leads to the ZZYZX settlement, the home of the Desert Studies Center for some of the Cal State Universities.  Yup, there’s actually something 4.5 miles down that creepy looking road.  I definitely always pictured it as the perfect serial killer destination.

At one point, it was the location of a Spa run by some crazy guy over a century ago.  He unfortunately built his land on property he didn’t own.  If Winona Ryder taught us anything, it was that thieves will always eventually get caught (and that Angelina Jolie will always beat you out for an Oscar even if you were the leading lady).

The name comes from Curtis Howe Springer who claimed it was the last word in the English language.  Creative write?  I thought it would’ve been ZZZZZZZZ…Anyway, he officially made up the pronunciation as “zy-zicks”.  Oh linguistics, how I love thee.

The road sign continues to confuse travelers every day, and even has many stopping for photo ops.  It eventually inspired a Katherine Heigl movie, ZYZZYX Road (Why they changed the name, I don’t know) that completely bombed both domestically and internationally.  It made $30 domestically.  Not $30 million, not 30K, but $30.  Essentially, it made the price of 3 Snuggies and went down in history as the lowest grossing moving in the US.

I probably have driven by this sign over 100 times in my lifetime, and I always tell myself I’m going to Google it when I get home.  Well, today it finally happened.  You really do learn something new every day.

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One thought on “Infogasm: Weird Whereabouts – ZZYZX, California

  1. Hahhaha! I LOVE this! I mean – yes, who hasn’t thought wtf when passing this, but who ever went to research it? I love that you did this post Tracy! And how many guys have wanted to SWIPE this sign? I’d bet it’s been swiped a few times before!

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