Gastrograsms: Cruise Cuisine

I wrote an earlier post about the  pros and cons of Cruising.  One of the pros was the abundance of food!  Although the cost of drinks can add up quickly, the unlimited amount of food can be worth it for many.  As great as the multiple dining experiences can be, the lack of local cuisine is what is missing from cruise cuisine.  However, it doesn’t mean they still aren’t delicious, just different.  I’ve heard varying accounts of cruise cuisine, but we were more than happy with our experience on the Carnival Elation.

The following are Gastrogasms from our Carnival Elation cruise to Cabo San Lucas on Spring Break, March 2010.

Prosciutto Appetizers

Les Escargots

lobster tail and shrimp

grilled chicken


Ice Cream, All Day, Every Day

Chocolate Souffle

Fruit Plate

Unlimited Room Service

There can be many gastrogasms on cruises, but it also can be hit or miss.  Be careful when selecting your cruise and make sure the dining options fit your needs and have great reviews.

Final note: con of gastrogasms on cruises? They can be endless and therefore you will come back to shore weighing significantly more than when you left.  You were warned.

This was our only cruise experience.  Does anyone have any bad experiences with cruise cuisine?

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3 thoughts on “Gastrograsms: Cruise Cuisine

  1. Yumyumyum! It all looks so good! I’ve only been on the one cruise to Ensenada. To me – there wasn’t much that interested me besides eating, so I dutifully gained 6lbs on a weekend cruise. I think I’ll have to pass on cruises as much as possible for the sake of my waistline!

  2. I completely agree~! Unlimited food all day, every day? Then being forced to do some shore activity that almost always involves a bathing suit? It’s a horrid combination.

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