Booze Cruise – Cabo San Lucas

Spring break is the perfect time for a Booze Cruise!  Spring break 2010 was not only our first masses cruise – Carnival Elation (San Diego to Cabo San Lucas) – it was also our first booze cruise.  If you’re heading to Cabo, definitely take the budget friendly Jungle Booze Cruise, which includes unlimited alcohol, snorkeling, food, and whale watching if you’re lucky.

Your $45 dollars will get you a four hour tour, continental breakfast, snorkeling gear and instruction, visits to 2 separate reefs, a pass by the famous Land’s End (The Arch), life jackets, seal rock, open bar, and lunch. Between December and April, you can even see this booze cruise as a whale watching tour all for the same price.  We definitely felt lucky that we saw a great sighting of a whale without having to pay for a separate whale watching cruise as others had done. Here are some photos from our trip!

This is the seal rock as how we saw it, but it usually has seals on it...

Here's the same rock with seals via Google

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, Land's End

Photo Op

Ready to Snorkel with Angela

Richard had a blast snorkeling for the first time after his many Dos Equis.

Richard took this picture. -_-

Ellis and Angela got some yummy lunch after our snorkeling.


Oh hey that's a whale!!!

Oh Sh--

When we first saw the small, dinky boat, we were honestly a bit hesitant.  Maybe we should’ve invested more money in one of those bigger boats that didn’t look like it would get swept away by a strong wind.  We are really thankful we hadn’t.  This budget friendly cruise provided everything we needed and more.  It has something for everyone!  Okay, actually, no.  There was a family who took some youngsters on the cruise, and that made me (I would say “us”, but Richard was fairly intoxicated at this point) a little nervous.  They had to be shielded from the beer bongs going around or intoxicated people that might’ve accidentally knocked them over.  Luckily, it all ended well, but those parents learned to do more research for future excursions.  We highly recommend the Jungle Cruise for any Cabo San Lucas goer looking for a good time.

Do you have any booze cruise experiences you recommend or want to share?

ADDENDUM (added by Richmander)

The booze cruz was pretty alright. I cant say that I remember all of it but Tracy forgot to mention the best parts of the trip where you drink excessive amounts of alcohol on a slippery boat.  The latter part of that previous sentence was not mentioned to one very drunk dancing girl whose footing I would refer to as, less than adequate.

recapturing the essence of the girl falling - sans coffee

Some of you readers, if not all, may feel it is much more rewarding to read and see the pole vaulting whale (congratulate the whale on placing silver that year) but the drunk Richmander also enjoys people succumbing to gravity. You see, for the whale also fell, he just did it in style.

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