Updated Bucket List page!

So technically a “bucket list” is a list of things you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket and die, but we definitely don’t equate marriage with death.  Rather, it’s more of a list of things we would like to do before we hit our late 20s (which is around the age we always wanted to get married anyway). This list started when we were still in college, and we completely forgot about it until this blog was started. Realistically, we might not be able to accomplish all of these things before we want and feel ready to get married and that’s fine, but some of these things seem so simple yet some couples don’t accomplish them!  The list has a wide range of things. Some we’ve done so many times together, we couldn’t pin-point the first time. Others are probably once in a lifetime experiences. Some of these we thought of together and some we stole from other couples’ bucket lists (glad to know we’re not the only ones). There are also a lot of “pre-kids bucket lists” too, but we won’t have to worry about that one for a long time!

Charmander & Won Ton’s Bucket List before tying the knot (must be done together)

1.) Go camping
2.) Go on a road trip
3.) Go to Disneyland (First of many trips, July 2004)
4.) Go to Universal Studios
5.) Visit an aquarium (Dallas World Aquarium, May 2011)
6.) Go to a Zoo
7.) Visit Knott’s Berry Farm (October, 2005)
8.) Go to Europe (Netherlands & Belgium, December 2009)
9.) Go to Las Vegas (First of many trips, July 2009)
10.) Go to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, March 2010)

Read the full list here…

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