Travelgasms, Why Not?

The beginning of Traveglasms...

Carrie Bradshaw might’ve coined the term “shoegasm”…but there are tons of possibly pseudo-suffix, “gasms” out there! So why not travelgasms?

Travelgasm: an unrestrained excitement over all things travel.

There are over 180 countries, 1500 culture-groups, and 5000 spoken languages in the world today…and I’m obsessed with all of them…even those I don’t know about yet or with names I can’t pronounce properly.  I’ve spent my entire life – okay, well my recent life – studying politics, languages, and cultures of places I may never get to see, hear, or experience.

From studying abroad to majoring in linguistics and political science, my college experience definitely sparked fire for my obsession.  I realized how ignorant we all are in many aspects of the world and probably will inevitably continue to be, but I truly believe in Mark Twain’s wise words: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”.

This will be my log of travelgasms…and a way for me to help and connect with travelgasm lovers and seekers too!

See. Learn. Experience.
—before we can’t anymore…or before these amazing places don’t exist anymore, whichever comes first.

Traveling for me isn’t just finding the best deals, going to the “must-see” tourist spots that are often throwing up tourists in the masses, or eating the food I cant find at my local McDo, it’s about doing everything you can and experience the beautiful cultures and eyegasms most people don’t know exist.

Although the initial posts will be from me, this blog will eventually convert to more writings from my better, more comedic half.  This blog will serve as a keepsake for ourselves, a sense of sanity for our families and friends (to know we’re alive during our travels), and will also be a place for us to rave and rant about travel-anythings and get advice and opinions from other travelgasm lovers too.  As much fun and inspiration I receive from reading other travel blogs, I hope ours can do the same.  You can plan your own adventure without a travel agent, a tour package, or Rick Steves.

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